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5 Tips to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive things any homeowner will ever have to do. The average roof replacement in Minnesota costs between $5,000 and $10,000 but if your roof is made of a material that is more difficult to install, you might wind up paying over $25,000! This begs the question of, “How often should I replace my roof?” Most types of roofs need to be replaced every 12-30 years, while metal roofs may last 50 years or more.

The good news is that taking good care of your roof can make it last longer and save you from having to shell out thousands for a full replacement. Here’s some advice on how to make the roof of your house in Minnesota last longer so that you don’t need to pay for a roof replacement any time soon.

Best Ways to Expand Your Roof’s Lifespan

  1. Repair Damaged Shingles – Minnesota weather takes a toll on all kinds of roofing materials. Both intense summer heat and extreme winter cold can cause asphalt shingles to crack and cedar shakes to warp. Spring thunderstorms can damage roofing with hail and high-speed wind, which may even strip shingles right off of your roof. When shingles are damaged or destroyed, your roof becomes much more susceptible to water damage. You can prevent this by having your roof repaired when needed. Repairing a few damaged shingles once every year or two is much cheaper than replacing your entire roof. If a powerful storm rolls through your neighborhood, you may want to have your roof inspected for damage so that you can have repairs performed before the next big storm.
  2. Don’t Let Snow Pile Up – During Minnesota’s winters, lots of snow tends to accumulate on rooftops, especially if your home has a flat or low-slope roof. If enough snow lands on your roof, it could lead to a collapse, especially if you haven’t been keeping up on your other roof maintenance. More likely, water from melting snow will seep in through your roofing materials to rot the wood decking and ceiling beneath, leading to leaks. While most types of roofs are designed for snow to slide off, sometimes they might need extra help. Try to dislodge any lingering snow piles from your roof to prevent costly damage that may necessitate a replacement.
  3. Clean Your Gutters – Gutters are meant to direct water away from your home after it rains or snows but they can’t do their job properly if they get clogged up with debris, which is especially common when the leaves come down in fall. A backed-up gutter will overflow when it rains or when snow melts, and that water will seep into your roof decking, causing it to rot. When roof decking rots, your roof will be destabilized and more vulnerable to leaks. This damage can be easily prevented by cleaning your gutters out whenever they start to clog up.
  4. Trim Back Overhanging Branches – Especially if you live in a rural area, there’s a strong possibility that there will be branches scraping up against your roof or hanging over it. While you might enjoy feeling like you live in a forest, having tree branches hanging over your roof is a major hazard. Straight-line winds or ice build-up may cause big branches to snap and fall onto your roof, inflicting severe damage. Even if this worst case scenario doesn’t happen, leaves from these branches will easily find their way into your gutters and clog them up. Trimming back branches over your roof can prevent these hazards and keep your roof sturdy for longer.
  5. Power Wash It – As your roof gets wetter and dirtier with each season, mold and moss will begin to grow on it. Moss can cause asphalt shingles to curl up, making them more likely to get ripped away by the wind. Mold will rot away at your roof, weakening its integrity and making it more vulnerable to leaking and impact damage. To prevent moss and mold accumulation, try power-washing the roof of your home in Minnesota once per year.

The Premier Roofing Services in the Twin Cities

No matter how well you maintain your roof, eventually the elements will cause wear and tear. When this happens, it’s important to rely on a trusted roofing company to restore your roof to great shape. Call up A-1 Restoration today for the greatest roofing repair and replacement services in the greater Twin Cities area!