Professional Deck Staining Contractors

Located in a beautiful, small area by Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior is known for its picturesque scenery and wonderful lake homes. Spending time outside with family and friends is a must during the summer and fall seasons, but what if your deck is looking rough and needing a new coat of stain? Here at A-1 Restoration we specialize in restoring your deck to look brand new again.

Our professional deck staining crew will quickly respond to your request and come to your home to hear your vision for how you would like to refresh your deck. Our team will then prepare your deck for staining by getting rid of all mildew and dirt which has built up over the years by pressure washing it and then letting it dry in order for the new stain to properly soak into the wood. The great benefit of refinishing or adding new stain to your deck is the added life if provides the deck. Depending on the style and quality of deck stain, applying new stain will extend the lifetime of your deck from five years to twenty-five years or more.

High Quality Deck Staining

If you’re looking for a high quality deck stain company to breathe new life into your home deck, call the professionals at A-1 Restoration today!

If you have any other needs regarding commercial and residential window installations or roofing replacements, we are your go-to home exterior company!

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Absolute top notch service. Gus and the whole team were extremely professional and courteous throughout our entire project. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim Rogers

A-1 restoration was awesome to work with! They were very helpful with questions and communicated very well. They also did a great job working with my insurance company to make sure the estimates and payouts were correct. Alex, Gus and Ben are awesome to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend them for your exterior needs and will be using them again!

Tanner Emery

The team with A-1 Restoration is great. They did what they said they would do and when they said they would. The work was done top notch and so glad I used them for my project. Would highly recommend for any project you may have. Thanks A-1 Restoration!

Jenny Lofstedt

We have extensive gardens on the south of west sides of our home and I was very nervous that my plants would be damaged or destroyed from falling debris (this happened to my next door neighbor who used a different company). To my relief, the crew put plywood on top of saw horses over all of my plants and tarps everywhere else and when they were done my property looked exactly the same as it did prior to this project. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs exterior work done.

Tina Nelson