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FAQ’s – Can I paint my home’s vinyl siding?

Can I paint my home's vinyl siding?

When vinyl siding is built, the color is baked into the siding. This means that, technically, you never have to paint it. That being said, years of sun exposure will cause your siding to fade until it no longer looks very appealing. When this happens, yes, you can paint your vinyl siding to refresh the exterior appearance of your home. Adding a vibrant coat of paint to your vinyl siding can improve the curb appeal of your home in Minnesota.

If you decide to paint your home’s vinyl siding, make sure you purchase the right kind of paint. Any paint you apply to your vinyl siding should contain acrylic and latex urethane so that it can properly adhere to the surface of the siding. It’s also important to make sure the paint you buy is durable and weatherproof, unless you want to paint your vinyl siding again next year. Buying expensive, high-quality exterior paint might cost you more now but it will save you money and time in the long term.

Make sure to paint your vinyl siding on a day with nice weather. It’s best to paint your siding on a warm, partly cloudy day. Intense heat, rain or wind can prevent your paint from adhering to the siding properly. You should also thoroughly clean your vinyl siding before painting to remove all dirt, grime and mold, which can also interfere with the paint’s adhesion. For the best results, it may be best to hire a professional painting company in Minnesota.