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FAQ’s – Can I replace my roof myself?

Can I replace my roof myself?

When your roof begins to show signs of weathering, it’s time to consider replacing it. Some homeowners in Minnesota are hesitant to pay professionals for a roof replacement, which will cost around $4,000 on the low end and may cost $20,000 or more depending on the size of the roof and the materials used. In order to save money, you may consider performing a DIY roof replacement.

While it is possible to replace your roof on your own, the process can be difficult and dangerous. Because most roofs are sloped, it’s easy to lose your footing and slip, possibly even falling from the roof to the ground. Such accidents can lead to severe injury and even death. Getting up on your roof is especially dangerous during the winter in Minnesota, when snow and ice will make your shingles slippery.

Another concern with DIY roof replacement is the quality of the work. While replacing a few damaged shingles isn’t very difficult, replacing an entire roof is a challenging, time-consuming job that should not be attempted without experience. Any mistakes you make could result in severe damage to your roof. An improperly installed roof will be susceptible to weather damage and leakage.

The bottom line is that it is possible to replace your own roof but you should only attempt to do so if you have experience with roofing or a similar trade. If you’re a novice to roofing projects, your safest and smartest option is to hire a professional roofing contractor in Minnesota for roof replacement services.