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FAQ’s – What is fascia and why is it important for a house?

What is fascia and why is it important for a house?

“Fascia” is the name of the decorative, angled board that extends down from the edge of the roof over the eaves to the soffits below. It is a special type of trim which can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and composite materials. Fascia improves the appearance of your home exterior while also playing a role in keeping out the elements, making it an important part of home exteriors in Minnesota.

Some of the benefits of having fascia on your house are:

  • The main purpose of fascia is to prevent rainwater and other moisture from getting inside your roof, where it can cause water damage and mold growth.

  • Fascia boards form a sturdy barrier that keeps wildlife and pests from being able to get inside your roof cavity and infest your attic.

  • Along with soffits, fascia helps to ventilate your roof so that an excess of hot air does not accumulate in your attic and heat up your entire home.

  • Fascia boards provide a sturdy foundation for gutters to anchor to, preventing them from being knocked loose by high speed winds during severe storms.

  • Like all forms of trim, fascia is visually attractive and improves the curb appeal of your house.