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FAQ’s – What time of year is best to install
a roof in Minnesota?

What time of year is best to install a roof in Minnesota?

Professional roofing contractors are fully capable of installing a roof at any time of year in Minnesota, even during the dead of winter! However, fall is generally considered the best time to install a roof in Minnesota. The fall months are advantageous because there’s less precipitation than during spring and summer, but it’s also not cold enough to have a negative impact on roof installation. Many homeowners choose to have their roof replaced in fall because it guarantees a sturdy new roof over their heads when the snow starts falling in winter. The only drawback to fall roof replacement is that it tends to be the busiest time of year for roofing contractors, which may force you to wait a few weeks.

If you want to beat the fall rush, it would be wise to schedule your roof replacement as early as possible in spring. Although frequent showers can interrupt roofing work in spring, it’s nothing that can’t be worked around. Plus, roof damage often occurs during winter, so having your old roof replaced early in spring will save you from dealing with leaks throughout the year. Summer is also a good season for roof installation in Minnesota, and tends to be drier than spring. Just remember that roofing contractors start to get busy later in summer, so don’t wait too long to schedule a replacement.

Winter is the worst time of year for a roof replacement in Minnesota. The extremely cold weather can make it difficult to install certain types of roofing, and the unpredictable snowfalls can interrupt and delay roofing work. That said, installing a roof during winter is still a viable option. Not only that, but a winter roof installation should be easy to schedule since very few people want to have their roof replaced during the colder months.