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FAQ’s – Why should I re-side my home?

Why should I re-side my home?

Some homeowners in Minnesota don’t see value in replacing the existing siding on their home, even when it starts to look worse for wear. Many would rather just repaint their siding to keep it looking fresh than invest the money necessary to replace the siding on their entire house. There’s nothing wrong with just refinishing and repairing your siding as long as it’s still in good condition but when your siding degrades past a certain point, you’ll want to consider re-siding your home.

One of the main purposes of siding is to keep the elements out of your home. Siding protects your house against rain, snow, wind and hail. If your siding gets too old, moisture will be able to permeate it during storms, leading to structural damage and mold growth. If your siding has deteriorated to the point where it’s no longer waterproof, then it’s time to have new siding installed.

In addition to bad weather, siding also protects your home in Minnesota from local pests. When siding is damaged over time, holes and cracks may appear which insects and rodents will be able to use to gain entry to your house. In fact, if wooden siding rots, termites are likely to be attracted to your home. If you find damage popping up in your siding repeatedly, even after being repaired, then you should re-side your home before pests get in.

Another benefit of siding is that it insulates your home, something which is especially crucial during Minnesota’s cold winters. Sturdy siding will help your home retain heat in the winter. It will also keep your home nice and cool during the summer. This helps to reduce your energy costs. Unfortunately, when siding starts to degrade, air will begin escaping and you might find your energy bill going up. If you notice this happening, it’s time to have your home re-sided.