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Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

Windows are one of the most important facets of any house, providing us the opportunity to view the outside world and receive natural lighting within the comforts of our home. As time goes by, the elements will begin to take their toll on the windows of your home in Minnesota. Extreme temperature changes and damage from storms will gradually degrade windows, and you may begin to notice the negative effects they’ve had.

How do you know when it’s finally time to replace your windows? Here are some clear signs that the windows of your Minnesota home aren’t in good condition anymore.

6 Signs That It’s Time for Window Replacements in MN

  1. Difficult to Open – Whether they open by sliding or by cranking, your windows should be easy to open. Over time, exposure to humidity may cause the frames of your windows to mold or rust, which will result in them sticking in place and becoming frustratingly difficult to get open. When the windows of your home in Minnesota offer resistance every time you try to open them, it’s probably time to replace them.
  2. Condensation & Fogging – Regardless of the weather, windows should prevent a clear view of the outside world. If your windows are obscured by excess moisture or fog, this demonstrates that they’re no longer waterproof, and have allowed moisture to accumulate between their glass panels. Of course, when it’s particularly humid outside, even the sturdiest windows may experience condensation. It’s only when that condensation occurs between panes of glass that your windows should be replaced.
  3. Letting In Drafts – When you walk by your windows and feel a draft of cold air coming in even though your windows are tightly shut, this is a sign that your windows may need to be replaced soon. Windows become drafty when their seals deteriorate and fail to keep your windows airtight. Drafts will lower the temperature of your home and can hike up your heating bills, especially during Minnesota’s cold winters.
  4. Outside Noises – In addition to shielding your home from the elements, windows are also supposed to provide insulation against noise from the outside world. While windows are not soundproof, properly constructed and installed windows should reduce common annoying noises like construction work, lawn mowing, vehicle engines and barking dogs. If you suddenly notice an increase in the volume of such noises, it’s a sign that your windows have degraded and are no longer providing proper insulation, meaning they should be replaced soon.
  5. Visible Damage – The most obvious indicator that it’s time to replace your windows is visible damage. If the glass of your windows is cracked or chipped, or the frames and seals of your windows have visibly deteriorated, that means your windows are no longer secure. Damaged windows will allow drafts, rain and insects to enter a home, which can lead to all kinds of problems. Whether the damage has been caused by a storm, an accident or anything else, you should have your damaged windows replaced immediately to maintain the integrity of your home in Minnesota.
  6. Recent Severe Weather – When powerful storms thunder through your neighborhood, they can deal all kinds of damage to the exterior of your home, especially your windows. High-speed winds can loosen glass panes from their frames and damage your windows with debris. Rain can seep into the windows, growing mold and causing water damage. Impact from hail can chip, crack or even outright shatter your windows. Even if you don’t see signs of damage after a storm, you may want to have your windows inspected to learn if a replacement will be necessary in the near future.

The Premier Window Replacements in the Twin Cities

If you’ve begun to notice any of these problems with your windows and you want to have them replaced, A-1 Restoration can provide high-quality replacements from many trusted brands such as Pella, Kolbe and Crestline. Contact A-1 Restoration today for premium window replacement services in the greater Twin Cities area!