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Storm Damage – Deephaven


The great part about living in Minnesota is being able to experience all four unique seasons. In Deephaven specifically, each of these seasons can provide the best experiences for its residents. Whether it’s lake days in the summer or playing hockey on the lake in the winter, there are countless benefits. However, there are some situations where bad weather rolls into town and produces damaging storms. If your home in Deephaven has recently been affected by a strong rain storm or blizzard, it’s time to call an expert storm damage company.

At A-1 Restoration, we specialize in providing the highest quality storm damage repairs and replacements for homes in the Deephaven area. Our team has been helping homeowners with these unfortunate situations and providing the finest roof repair, roof replacement and window replacement services in the area.


As we begin the restoration process for your home’s storm damage, we will closely inspect the damaged areas of your home along with any other areas. By performing a detailed inspection of your home, we can gather a full report of all the areas which will need to be addressed. During this process, it’s oftentimes the case that there doesn’t seem to be serious damage to the roof with an untrained eye, but it’s quite often the opposite.

Through heavy wind, hail or ice storms, your roof can lose a lot of its protective grit which will mean your roof will not last as long as it should. Additionally, there may be seams which become loosened and allow for moisture or critters to enter this area and cause additional harm to your home.

To prevent further damages, it’s important to call an expert storm damage professional. If your home in Deephaven is needing a roof replacement, roof repair or window replacement due to a recent storm, contact A-1 Restoration today!