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What is the Best Style of Roof in Minnesota?

It’s important to have a sturdy roof on your home wherever you may live and in Minnesota, that roof has to be especially sturdy. Between intense cold and heat, turbulent spring and summer thunderstorms, and heavy snow and ice build-up during the winter, Minnesota’s weather takes a toll on roofs faster than in many states in the country.

There are many different styles of roofs in Minnesota, each with their own pros and cons. Here are some of the common styles and our verdict on how they hold up against Minnesota weather.

Flat Roofs

  • Description: As the name suggests, these roofs are virtually flat with only a very slight pitch. They are typically covered in rubber membranes or metal sheets.
  • Pros: Flat roofs are cheap to build and present opportunities not available with steeply-pitched roofs. They can be used to house a rooftop garden, solar panels or HVAC units.
  • Cons: Because they lack a steep angle, these roofs are highly susceptible to rain, ice and snow build-up, which can result in leaking. Enough snow accumulation may even lead to a collapse.
  • Verdict: Unless you want to make use of the space provided by a flat roof, it’s inadvisable to use this type of roof on your home in Minnesota due to our heavy snowfalls. Maintenance costs to keep these roofs from leaking will be very high.

Gable Roofs

  • Description: A steeply-pitched roof that is triangular in shape. They can be covered with any type of roofing materials, from asphalt shingles to metal panels.
  • Pros: Because of their steep pitch, snow and water will run off of gable roofs very easily, avoiding build-up and leakage. Their design allows for more attic space and better ventilation, and they are generally cheaper to build than most roof styles.
  • Cons: High winds can strip shingles off of gable roofs fairly easily, especially if they form an updraft beneath the overhang of the roof.
  • Verdict: Because of their effectiveness in repelling snow and water, combined with their ease of construction and maintenance, gable roofs are among the best varieties of roofs for Minnesota homes. Proper construction can negate most of the risk of wind damage.

Hip Roofs

  • Description: A steeply-pitched roof that is pyramidal in shape, creating slopes on all sides. All types of roofing materials can be used.
  • Pros: Due to all four sides having an inward slope, hip roofs are extremely sturdy. Water, rain and snow are all repelled by the design of this roof, making them the most weather-resistant variety.
  • Cons: Constructing a hip roof is both complicated and expensive. If not built properly, a hip roof is susceptible to structural flaws and leakage.
  • Verdict: A well-built hip roof is easily the best type of roof for homes in Minnesota. However, it’s important to choose the right roofing crew to install a hip roof, since a poorly constructed hip roof will not be very durable.

Shed Roofs

  • Description: A steeply-pitched roof that slopes in only one direction. Normally, shed roofs are covered in standing seam metal panels.
  • Pros: Having just one angle means that shed roofs are very easy to build and maintain. Because they are so steep, they’re great for allowing snow and water to run off and are virtually impervious to leaks.
  • Cons: Shed roofs can only be used for smaller homes, usually those of a modern style. Their pitch can result in low ceilings, and they are susceptible to damage from high-velocity winds.
  • Verdict: If you want to buy or build a modern home in Minnesota, a shed roof is your best choice. For larger houses, they are not a viable option.

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