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FAQ’s – When should I replace my home’s windows?

When should I replace my home's windows?

On average, the windows of homes in Minnesota have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. When windows grow old, their seal will weaken, resulting in drafts and leaks. However, storm damage and other factors may force you to replace your windows before the 15 year mark.

If you’ve been considering replacing your windows in Minnesota, these are a few signs that you need new ones:

  • If you see visible damage like cracks or chips, it’s definitely time for new windows. Window damage often occurs as a result of hail or wind-blown debris during storms, and may also happen as a result of vandalism and other uncontrollable factors.

  • When windows start to leak or become drafty, that’s a telltale sign that they’re reaching the end of their lives and need to be replaced. Leaks can result in water damage while drafts will significantly reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

  • Even if you don’t notice drafts in your windows, you may discover your electric bills rising with no other explanation. This is a sign that you should check your windows for drafts and replace them if needed.

  • Seeing condensation inside of double-pane windows is another sure sign that you need window replacement. This internal condensation is proof that your windows no longer have an airtight seal and won’t keep air in or the elements out.

When your windows begin sticking when you attempt to open or close them, first try cleaning out any debris. If this doesn’t work, it likely means that the windows are damaged and will need to be replaced.