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Pros & Cons of Popular Window Styles in Minnesota

Windows are a key element of every home in Minnesota. They provide us with a view of the outside world, natural lighting and protection from the elements. Unfortunately, even the best windows will take frequent abuse from the turbulent weather in Minnesota, degrading their integrity over time and necessitating a replacement.

Homes in Minnesota have many different styles of windows, with each style having its own benefits and negative factors. Here are a few of the most popular window styles in Minnesota and the pros and cons that come with them.


Casement Windows

  • Description: These types of window have either one or two sashes and can be cranked open horizontally thanks to their hinges.
  • Pros: There are many advantages to casement windows. They offer excellent visibility and ventilation, they keep out noise and drafts, and they tend to be quite sturdy.
  • Cons: Powerful winds can easily break casement windows if they are left open. Also, the cranks used to open casement windows tend to wear out and eventually may become inoperable.
  • Usage: Casement windows are a great choice for houses in Minnesota, especially for kitchens and living rooms where you want to create airflow. Just be careful to shut them on windy days.

Double-Hung Windows

  • Description: The most popular window style in the United States, double-hung windows have an upper and a lower sash which can both be opened separately.
  • Pros: There’s a lot of reasons double-hung windows are so popular; they’re affordable, easily opened, easily cleaned and provide excellent ventilation.
  • Cons: The counterbalance springs within double-hung windows may break with extensive use. Their large openings also present the possibilities of children falling through and intruders breaking in.
  • Usage: Double-hung windows work well for just about any type of home in Minnesota, and they offer great visibility and airflow for bedrooms and living rooms. Families with small and curious children should exercise caution, however.

Single-Hung Windows

  • Description: A window with two sashes, an upper sash that does not open and a lower sash that either slides or cranks open.
  • Pros: Single-hung windows are the cheapest common window variety and, like double-hung windows, they’re easily cleaned and allow lots of natural light to enter a home.
  • Cons: Because only half the window can be opened, single-hung windows don’t provide as much ventilation as other popular window styles.
  • Usage: Single-hung windows are a good option for most rooms in a house but should not be installed in rooms that require excellent ventilation, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Awning Windows

  • Description: Windows consisting of a single sash on a hinge that can be cranked open vertically.
  • Pros: The biggest advantage to awning windows is that they keep rain out, meaning they can provide airflow on a rainy day. They’re also quite secure against intruders.
  • Cons: Awning windows do not provide very good ventilation compared to most other windows. As with casement windows, their cranks may become difficult to use over time.
  • Usage: Awning windows are good for lower floors of homes in Minnesota, especially for basements. Don’t use them in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens since they won’t provide much ventilation.

Fixed Windows

  • Description: A simple window that consists of a single pane of glass that can’t be opened.
  • Pros: If you want a big window that lets in lots of light but doesn’t open, fixed windows are perfect. The lack of an opening mechanism also makes them cheaper.
  • Cons: Because fixed windows can’t be opened, they provide no airflow. Sometimes, they also let in too much light.
  • Usage: If you have a home office or a living room that you want to light up naturally, fixed windows are a good fit. Don’t rely on them in any room that might need ventilation, however.


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